Pistachio Cream Croissant




Dive into decadence with this non-alcoholic brew, echoing the richness of a gooey pastry. Pistachio notes swirl in every sip, delivering a dessert-inspired delight. Unapologetically indulgent! CONTAINS LACTOSE & PISTACHIO

Choose Your Flavor: Pistachio Cream Croissant


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Uncool Sample Six

Introducing our Uncool Non-Alcoholic Sample Six Pack. Th...

Pistachio Cream

Embrace the freedom to savor every sip, because with Uncool, you're not just drinking beer; you're raising a can to living life on your own terms. Cheers to being unapologetically uncool! 

Make a plan to keep your (un)cool


You do you boo

Pace It

Let the good times roll a bit longer when you pace your outing with an Uncool between drinks

Take a Night Off (Or Don't)

Don't feel like you have to stay in during a sober night/week/month. Grab an Uncool, hold it in your hand and act normal.

Cut the Alc All Together

Uncool isn't just a delicious alternative. It is actually delicious. So you can cut the alc and still enjoy it.

The antidote to morning-after blues


With less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, our beers are perfect for keeping things low-key yet undeniably uncool.

Whether it's a Saturday or Tuesday night, now you can crack open a cold one, guilt-free. Sometimes a beer is better without the alcohol. Enjoy a refreshing NA beer (or two) at night and wake up feeling normal with a full day ahead!


What exactly is Uncool?

The powers that be say we are allowed to call it Near Beer. It’s everything you’d want in a beer, just without the alcohol since it’s clocking in at less than 0.5% ABV.

How do you make it?

Wizardry. Kidding, or kind of. It starts with water, barley, malt and hops, like you’d expect. Then we make some magic, can it, label it and ship it to your door or favorite grocery store.

Wait, is there alcohol in your non-alcoholic beer?

  • No. Anything that contains less than 0.5% ABV is considered non-alcoholic. Since alcohol naturally occurs in foods you might be fascinated to know that many fruit juices, kombuchas, vinegar, bananas and even bread can contain up to 0.5% ABV without having to be labeled. Crazy right?

Does it need to be refrigerated?

Uncool does not have to be refrigerated but we’d strongly advise chilling that can before cracking it open for a much more enjoyable experience.

Is the packaging recyclable?

You know it! Cans can be infinitely recycled making it the (un)coolest package choice.

What’s the shelf life? 

This ranges from 90-180 days, depending on which one you have in your hand. 

Is Uncool Vegan, Kosher or Gluten-Free?

All Uncool flavors are vegan.  We are not yet kosher certified nor are we brewing gluten-free versions of Uncool at this point.

Can I consume Uncool when pregnant or breastfeeding?

So we aren’t docs and our lawyers would highly recommend we don’t give safety advice. We know that people look to Uncool everyday as a safe alternative to consuming alcohol, whether that’s for medical, safety or personal reasons. But we’ll tell you what we tell our family and friends - when in doubt, ask your doc!   

Where can I find the nutritional info?

Each product page has published calories, carbs, fat and protein for each and every flavor we make!

Do you have more questions?

5.0 | 100+ Reviews

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  • “Best NA IPA I've had. Makes taking a few weeks off from alcohol a lot easier.”

    Ramsey G., Hazy IPA

    Verified Reviewer

  • “This didn't need to be so good”

    Megan C.

    Verified Reviewer

  • “This is pretty fun. Exactly as described with a whole lot of mango, a little lime and a tiny chile bite to it.”

    Scott W., Mango Chili Lime

    Verified Reviewer

  • “More body than expected, which is a big plus. Also rounded crushable character, not stingingly crisp nor hot on the hops. Just the way a New England style should be”

    Paul W., Hazy IPA

    Verified Reviewer

  • “Great orange aroma, solid N/A wit. Very bright flavors.”

    Alex H., Wit

    Verified Reviewer

  • “Ok. This is…..good. If I were handed this and not told it was NA then I'd likely not know… really, really tasty”

    JT, Low Cal IPA

    Verified Reviewer

  • “Uncool seriously hits the nail on the head with their styles. I have yet to be disappointed by their lineup.”

    NA Brewsky, @na.brewsky

    Verified Reviewer

  • “Very unique brew. Drinks like a golden ale. I absolutely love it. Tons of flavor, but not too sweet at all.”

    Joe C., Pistachio Cream Croissant

    Verified Reviewer